DC Music Store East Liverpool Ohio

DC Music Store East Liverpool Ohio

DC Music Store East Liverpool Ohio ( aka Calcutta ) 43920. DC Music is located in the Tri state, Ohio Valley. We are just across the river from Pittsburgh PA and West Virginia located about 40 minutes south of Youngstown Ohio and 45 minutes north of Wheeling West Virginia. We are on State Route 170 which is the Calcutta Exit off of Routes 7, 11 and 30. We are a family owned and operated business that began in 1998. In 2003 we opened the Calcutta location on Rt 170. We offer a full selection of musical products including string instruments (guitars, banjos, violins etc.), keyboards, drums and percussion, brass and wind instruments, software, lighting, sound systems, books and accessories and more. We offer repairs, rentals, layaway, lessons and more. We have our online store at dcmusicstore.com and at our store you will find many items that come in faster than we can put them online. So if you are a local customer be sure to check out our store for many items that will not be on our website. At DC Music we also purchase used equipment and do trades. You may also call if you are looking for anything specific and we would be happy to assist you. We are sometimes asked if we are located in Washington DC because of our name. We are not, DC is the owners initials. We are not a chain store and have no interest in becoming a chain store. We feel we can give the best customer service to our customers sticking with one store where the owner is in the store and available to assist you with your needs. We take great pride in our service and have great respect for our customers who continue to support us year after year. We guarantee you the lowest prices and offer a wide selection with friendly and professional service. Our hours are 10 - 8 Monday - Thursday, 10-7PM Friday and 10-6 Saturdays.


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Directions to DC Music Store:

If coming south on Route 7 or 11 get off of the Calcutta exit, turn left at the light. Go through 2 red lights and at the third light you'll turn left at Giant Eagle. Go to the stop sign and turn right. You are in our plaza now and we are in the middle of the plaza.

If coming north on route 7 or 11 get off of the Calcutta exit, turn left at the light. Turn right at the next light which is Route 170. Turn left at the next light which is near Giant Eagle. Go to the stop sign and turn right. You are in our plaza now and we are in the middle of the plaza.

For a google map with directions to our store click here.


Music Lessons at DC Music Store:


Music Lessons at DC Music Store are $15 per lesson with one half hour lesson per week paid monthly in advance. 4 week months are $60 and 5 week months are $75 and are paid up front. If you start mid month you will just need to pay the portion of weeks left in that month. You will be given a weekly appointment time for each lesson. Each lesson is 30 minutes in length. We suggest you be at the store a minimum of 5 - 10 minutes early to provide time to check in at the counter. This will also allow time to prepare for the lesson so that you do not miss any time. If you cannot make a lesson we ask that you call in advance so that we know you wish to keep your spot for the next week. You may also call to reschedule to another available time which we would suggest as extra time off from lessons decreases the chances of a successful music program for you. See below for make-up lesson policy. Single lessons may be purchased for $20 each. But if you are signed up for monthly lessons you will pay only $15 for extra lessons. If you miss the first lesson of the month on an on going lesson program you would still be responsible for the entire month payment as we have held your spot for you and the instructor has had to be idle and unpaid otherwise. Remember we have a very liberal make up policy for you to be able to make up the lesson. So be sure to use it to keep up with your music lessons.


Payment is due the last week of the month. For example if you've paid for August but not September, you would pay for September on the last week of August. You basically pay the week before the new month starts. All payments will be made at the counter. Once payment has been received we will issue the student a token that is to be given to the instructor. This will assist the instructors in keeping track of each lesson.




Can I make up a lesson that I miss?
Yes you can and we suggest you make up your lesson if you miss so that you will not fall behind and get out of the routine of music practice. Please call or stop by to reschedule. If you miss a lesson, or know that you will miss a lesson, you have the week before the lesson day and the week after the lesson day to make it up. Afterward we will not be able to make up that lesson as it becomes to difficult to track with us having so many students. So for example if you know you will miss a Monday lesson, you can make it up the week prior (Tuesday – Saturday) or after that lesson (Tuesday – Saturday). Keep in mind though that a make-up lesson has to be in an available open spot that your instructor has. Again, contact us in store or by phone for scheduling a make up lesson. Missed lessons do not carry over to future weeks/months and no refund of missed lessons can be given as we have to pay instructors regardless if a student shows or not as the instructor is due their time of being here regardless if the student shows or not. We don’t feel it’s fair to the instructor to sit there and not be paid. For us to have good instructors available we all realize we must pay them fairly.


What methods of payment are accepted?
Payment methods include: Cash, Check, and most major Credit Cards as well as automatic bank withdraw.


What holidays are DC Music closed for?
New years day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor day, Thanksgiving & Christmas. If your lessons fall on that day we encourage you to speak with our staff about re-scheduling a lesson. 330-385-0468


What if I am sick or on vacation / holiday happens / store closed due to weather etc.
Please notify us in those cases so we will hold your spot for the following week. We suggest you make up lessons as much as possible so you don't fall behind or get out of the routine and lose what you've learned. A majority of success is making yourself available for the instruction and then making use of it by practicing it. See above “make up policy for making up your lesson. The same situation applies to situations where a holiday occurs on your lesson day or the store is closed due to weather or power failure. We suggest you make up the lesson so you won't fall behind and so that you will not miss a lesson you paid for.


If a student does not show up two weeks in a row for a lesson we will assume the student no longer wishes to keep that continue and will fill the spot. We ask that you contact us though to let us know of your intentions. Our instructors teach music for a living and we strive to keep them with a consistent schedule. Please help us as we believe we have the very best instructors available.


We greatly appreciate your business at DC Music Store and as always will be doing all we can to have the highest standard of music education for you and/or your students. Music requires time and patience to learn, we ask that you do everything possible to be available for these lessons. Also, please try to set aside time to practice the material each week. Music is a lifetime of fun that we are confident you or your student will enjoy.


Thank you,
DC Music Store




We repair most all musical items. Stringed instruments, amplifiers, sound systems amplifiers and speakers, brass and wind instruments and more. Most work is done in house. Contact us for more information on your specific repair or in the best situation please stop by with it so we can assist you.



Layaway your item at DC Music Store with just a 25% deposit. Bi-weekly payments or monthly payments will keep in layaway for you with no extra charges.




At DC Music Store we offer school band rentals for many instruments such as drums, brass and wind instruments, violins and more. We also rent sound systems for parties and events as well as lighting. Stop in for more details and our great low cost rental options.



Sell or trade your items

We buy sell and trade at DC Music Store. So if you have used gear stop in and we will talk to you about purchasing it from you or trading for other equipment if you desire.