Lanikai UC2 Ukulele Case

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Lanikai UC2 Ukulele Case

The Lanikai UC2 Ukulele Case is a Polyfoam Case that gives you the light weight and portability of a gig bag but the protection of a hardshell case. You will be amazed quickly at how durable and protective it is yet how light it is compared to old school hard cases.

The UC2 is available in all your standard Ukulele sizes including Soprano UC2-S, Concert UC2-C, Tenor UC2-T and of course Baritone UC2-B. What's inside is a solid foam core and a plush interior that is durable and protective yet so lightweight and portable and easy to carry around. There's also a nice and big pocket to put your papers in or songbook etc. and this use case also has shoulder straps to make it even easier to to tote around.

DC Music Store has all your needs as a musician including Ukuleles, tuners, strings, songbooks, straps, picks and much more. Trust in DC Music Store, your family owned and operated music store serving musicians around the world from Ohio Since 1998.11

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