Evans Clear EMAD2 Bass Drum Head

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Evans Clear EMAD2 Bass Drum Head

The Evans Clear EMAD2 Bass Drum Head is a premium drum head created within the production stores of one of the most renowned manufacturers of drumming gear. The Clear EMAD2 Bass Drum Head is known for its ability to secure a lot of musical ground, so whether it's pop or heavy metal that you're playing, this fella will have your back covered. This item is designed to secure extra durability to go with the beat, meaning that as long as you don't smash like a madman, it will serve you well in years to come.

On the tech features side, the item utilizes a coated, perforated, and center-reinforced structure which allows your overtones to freely ring when bashed on the edges. The product features an open design that secures a bright sound and a fat backbeat. The instrument is reliable and comes with every single one of the company's quality control certificates at a fair price. Finally, make sure check out the full list of Evans Clear EMAD2 Bass Drum Head features, specs and details by giving us a call, coming down to the store.

Available in sizes 18", 20", 22", 24", and 26"

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