Boss BB-1X Bass Driver Pedal

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Boss BB-1X Bass Driver Pedal:

      The "BB-1X" is your answer if you're a bass guitarist looking for a terrific overdrive or distortion pedal. You get dual outputs, adaptive distortion and that great Boss tone quality that you and many other touring professionals love in their sound.

     Housed in a stomp pedal, the BB-1X is like a wild beast that you can tame down or let out of it's cage and deliver all the thunder you wish for. You get the bold bass guitar punch-in-the-gut guitar tone if you like or simmer things down to any degree.

     Boss has built the BB-1X to act as a DI (direct interface) and also will act as your pre-amp so you can use it direct to a sound system for live gigging or into your mixing console for studio work. With it's dual output you can even do both and send one signal to your amp and another to the house sound system or recording console. Then again, you could send it to two amps if you wish also.

     This Boss Pedal captures all the nitty-gritty of your playing just like other Boss pedals which is how they built such a leading name in the industry. Plug in your bass guitar and find the most natural distortion and overdrive that can be blended. Adjust the low and high to shape your tone and then the drive knob and completely change the character of the pedal and of course your bass guitar tone.

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