Elixir 14077 Nanoweb Bass Guitar Strings Soft Top/Reg Bot, Long Scale 45

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Elixir Bass Guitar Strings Nanoweb Soft Top/Reg Bot, Long Scale 45

The Elixir Bass Guitar Strings Nanoweb Soft Top/Reg Bot, Long Scale 45 is a set of reliable, high-end four string bass guitar strings aimed towards players of every skill level pushing for the best bass guitar sound. These Elixir strings offer one of the best performances of its niche, stamped with the company's signature force, drive, punch, zest, zeal, power, and just a well rounded sound and audio delivery. We are talking about a light pack of strings, packed with the following gauges: 44, 65, 50, 105. What really stands out about Elixir strings is their extended reliability and durability - you can rest assured that you'll be getting your money's worth, and then some. Generally speaking, you can feel the 40 years of hard work here, because when other strings go dead, the Elixirs still march strong!

The product we are dealing with here is a stellar item packed to the gills with strong features, making it a product that is bound to be appreciated by musicians all over the world. High durability, top reliability, a top notch performance, and a killer value for money - what more can you ask for? As you might already know, you can get this item for the lowest price online right here at yours truly DC Music Store.

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