Ernie Ball 2824 Super Slinky 5 string Bass Guitar Strings

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Ernie Ball Super Slinky 5 String Bass Strings

The Ernie Ball Super Slinky 5 String Bass Strings is a pack of top quality five-string electric bass guitar strings that will bring the power and the glory straight to your fingertips. The Super Slinky set offers zest and zeal in an economy package which guarantees extended durability and stronger reliability. Note that these strings have been crafted from nickel-plated steel wire wrapped around tin-plated hex-shaped steel core wire, securing extra punch and sonic tightness. The strings rock the following standard gauges - 40, 60, 75, 95, and 125.

The product we are dealing with here is a stellar item packed to the gills with strong features, making it a product that is bound to be appreciated by musicians all over the world. High durability, top reliability, a top notch performance, and a killer value for money - what more can you ask for? As you might already know, you can get this item for the lowest price online right here at DC Music Store.

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