ddrum Red Shot 5-Piece Drum Trigger Pack

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ddrum Red Shot 5-Piece Drum Trigger Pack

The ddrum Red Shot 5-Piece Drum Trigger Pack is a very affordable pack of drum triggers that includes four Red Shot tom/snare triggers, as well as a single Red Shot bass drum trigger. These ddrum triggers are sturdy, strong, yet quite easily removed. They can be connected by simply using any 1/4-inch cable. Additionally, they fit the majority of molded hoops with no adhesive needed. The ddrum Red Shot drum triggers can be safely and tightly secured at the hoop using a standard tension rod.

This ddrum set of triggers is considered as one of the top choices for many musicians looking to enhance their groove. It's a well known fact that drum recording sessions are quite pricey these days and that getting that top-notch drum sound the old-fashioned can be quite a financial ordeal. This is where the triggering devices step in to help you produce the groove you've been searching for. If properly used, they serve as a living proof that technology can make things convenient without stripping you of any quality whatsoever. You can find the full list of specs and features in the paragraph below.


    • Four Red Shot tom/snare triggers

    • One Red Shot bass trigger

    • Rugged, roadworthy, and very easily removed

    • Connect using any 1/4" cable

    • No adhesive needed

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