ddrum Trigger Kit

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ddrum Trigger Kit

The ddrum Trigger Kit is a nifty pack of top-quality drum triggers available at an affordable price. The ddrum Triger Kit is one of the top choices of many musicians looking to enhance their groove. These days, drum recording sessions are pricey and getting that top-notch drum sound the old-fashioned can be quite a difficult task. This is where the triggering devices step in to help you produce the groove you've been yearning for. If properly used, they can be served as a living proof of technology making things convenient without losing any quality whatsoever.

Triggering is a science of its own though, so make sure to study it thoroughly. However, to start studying, you need a fine set of triggers, and that's exactly what ddrum has to offer. Specifically, the ddrum Trigger Kit features an XLR output offering you nothing short of high-end professional connection. The triggers can be attached to most types of molded hoops and safely and tightly secured with a standard tension rod. Note that no adhesive is needed. Finally, the meaty bit - the pack also offers a set of three tom triggers, a bass trigger, and a snare trigger. You can find drum triggers at the lowest price at DC Music Store.

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