Beginning Drums Volume 1 DVD

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Beginning Drums Volume 1 DVD 320329

The Beginning Drums Volume 1 DVD 320329 is a high quality instructional DVD that will set every new drummer on a right path to skin-bashing mastery. This drumming DVD comes from prominent publisher Hal Leonard, featuring a vast array of instructions, going from explanations on how to set up your drums, how to hold your drumsticks, how to position the drums, all the way to more advanced stuff that will prepare you for intermediate and pro grounds. Also included in the mix are explanations on basic drum grooves and drums fills, various easy drum patterns, rudiments on the snare drum and several techniques on the hi hat. The product comes with a booklet that will help you jam along with the band. The DVD clocks in at 29 minutes featuring Tim Pedersen as the instructor and author. If you need additional details regarding this product, feel free to contact us or come down to the store.

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