Learn Drums with 6 Great Masters

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Learn Drums with 6 Great Masters

The Learn Drums with 6 Great Masters is a great tool for everyone interested in mastering the drums. This Hal Leonard publication features input from not one, but 6 prominent drummers, giving you six different points of view and six ways to tackle the instrument. The DVD includes on-board tabs on screen for all the music that's being played, along with close-ups of all left- and right-hand techniques and slow motions segments with standard pitch sound. Also included in the mix are artist biographies, a suggested listening section, and a booklet with included examples. More details in the segment below, feel free to contact us if additional info is needed.


Lesson 1: Joe Morello will cover hand positions, natural position rudiments, holding the sticks, and stick control.
Lesson 2: Ginger Banker will cover rudiments, paradiddles, and playing around the kit.
Lesson 3: Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres will show you cross-stick for Latin and blues styles.
Lesson 4: Kenwood Dennard will discuss practice routines, multiple strokes, and the 16th note accents.
Lesson 5: Tommy Aldridge, the Whitesnake and Ozzy Osbourne rock master, will cover double-bass drum techniques.
Lesson 6: Carmine Appice will demonstrate snare drum triple beats, drag strokes, and snare and bass drum coordination.

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