Mallet control for the xylophone

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Mallet control for the xylophone

The Mallet control for the xylophone is a top quality guide and one of the No. 1 tools on how to control mallets on your xylophone. This Hal Leonard publication stretches out across 56 info loaded pages, featuring a vast array of exercises crafted towards making you develop control of those mallets. Apart from the xylophone, the goods goods are applicable on vibraphone and vibraharp. The book is aimed towards players of all levels, meaning that both fresh beginners and seasoned professionals will find something of use inside.

All the examples and exercises in the release are 100 percent accurate, effective and concise. On top of that, the book is available at a fair and quite budget friendly price. If additional info and details are needed, don't hesitate to contact us online or come down to the store, we are always glad to be of assistance.

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