Roland CM-30 cube monitor

Product image 1Roland CM-30 cube monitor
Product image 2Roland CM-30 cube monitor

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Roland CM-30 cube monitor

The Roland CM-30 is a cube monitor that offers high versatility and great ease of use that can be mixed with a vast array of instruments and devices. The CM-30 is typically designed for home studio use and wide ranging monitoring applications, although it can be utilized as an onstage monitor just as well. This is a high quality 6.5-inch coaxial two-way speaker with an included stereo preamp with inputs that allow it to be simultaneously connected to a mic, a rhythm machine, a keyboard, and a CD player, or to simply function as a mini PA rig. Very versatile and very useful item, there is always a function you can find for it to serve.

This Roland cube monitor boasts 30 watts of power and is equipped with a total of three input channels, one XLR mic/line input and two extra AUX RCA and stereo mini phone inputs, allowing five simultaneous inputs. Additionally, the Stereo Link function allows the linking of two CM-30s for true stereo output, which further enables a total of 10 inputs. Sound can also be refined by using the speaker's on-board two-band equalizer conveniently located on the front panel for quick access. The CM-30 is a lightweight item that can be easily and safely transported thanks to its handle grip, cabinet corner protectors, and the protective metal grille cover.

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