GHS Fast Fret A87

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GHS Fast Fret A87

The GHS Fast Fret A87 is a one of the company's most widely renowned accessory items - an effective and affordable product that does a fine job in extending the life of your guitar strings. The Fast Fret A87 is very easy to use - all you have to do is glide it on with an appropriate applicator and wipe away across the strings. The item is classified as a string and neck lubricant or string and neck cleaner, and is aimed towards all stringed instruments.

Your style, preferences, and even the instrument of choice to an extent, are not relevant. With Fast Fret, you will get better results, and extended durability of your instrument. This is not a spray, but a liquid, containing zero silicone or any substance that can damage the neck or strings. It is to be used on strings, fret-board, back, or neck. For more info or details, feel free to contact us online.

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