Hohner Chrometta HH255C harmonica 255/48

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Hohner HH255C harmonica

The Hohner Chrometta HH255C is one smooth, well rounded instrument from the world's most renowned manufacturer of harmonicas. The HH255C comes with all the renowned quality standards and certificates as every Hohner products and delivers a strong, bright, blues fueled tone that is bound to make you happy. This product is fitting and accessible both for seasoned pro players and beginner musicians, it features large mouthpiece openings and offers a three octave chromatic range packed with wind-saving valves, as well as a moisture resistant comb. In total, we are talking about 12 holes and a string of 48 reeds.

This Hohner harmonica is designed to deliver a complete scale in any given key, meaning that you can play major, minor, as well as pentatonic blues scales all on a single instrument, which is not something many harmonicas can boast about. As noted, each hole contains a total of four reeds - two natural notes and two chromatic ones. The casing of the HH255C is sturdy and strong, perfectly capable of withstanding any kind of standard damage from transport of constant use. Seeing that this is a top-notch instrument that offers great versatility, the given price tag is quite affordable.

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