Hohner Echo 48 Tremolo Harmonica Key of C 2509C

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Hohner Echo 48 Tremolo Harmonica Key of C 2509C

The Hohner Echo 48 Tremolo Harmonica is a sleek and elegant contemporary of classic mouth harps and one of the high-quality products on today's harmonica market. The Echo 48 comes with a chrome finish in the key of C, producing a beautiful tremolo sound and an emotion-fueled blues vibe. This type of harmonica is primarily used in ballad songs, as well as folk, reggae, gospel music, and of course the unavoidable blues. The sonic output is rich and well-balanced, while the whole instrument offers every quality standard and certificate from Hohner.

This Hohner harmonica creates its unique sound through the special tuning and features a total of 24 double holes with 48 reeds. The instrument features a maple comb with brass reed plates and a total width of 7.13 inches. Much like any Hohner harmonica, this model incorporates improved reed profiles that increase reed life by over 200 percent, as well as precision die punches to ensure reed plates with unparalleled air tightness. It's a high-quality product for high quality musicians. A detailed list of specs and features is available below.

Hohner Echo 48 Tremolo Harmonica Key of C 2509C Features:

Color: Chrome
Material: Maple comb, brass reed plates
24 Double holes, 48 reeds
Key of C
Special tuning creates the tremolo's distinct sound
Primarily used in ballads, folk, reggae and gospel music
Width: 7.13"

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