Hohner Special 20 harmonica

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Hohner Special 20 Harmonica

The Hohner Special 20 is a standard harmonica from the world's renowned manufacturer available in any desired key. Specifically, the Hohner Special 20 is available in the following keys - C, D, E, F, G, A and B, as well as their respective sharp or flat keys. This is hardly a beginner product and is recommended for seasoned musicians. Much like any Hohner mouth harp, this product is a match made in heaven for the blues, offering a rich bright tone with loads of emotion. The casing is sturdy and strong, so you don't have to worry about any kind of minor physical damage.

On the technical side, this Hohner harmonica includes a 10-hole diatonic, a plastic comb, a set of genuine brass plates, bolted-on covers, 20 reeds, 0.9 mm brass reed plates and an overall four-inch length. As with just about any Hohner harmonica, the Special 20 model features improved reed profiles to secure an increase in reed life by well over 200 percent. The mouth harp is easily adjustable for overblows and comes with an affordable price. Fulll list of specs and features is available below.

Hohner Special 20 Features

    • 10-hole diatonic

    • Professional quality

    • Standard (Richter) tuning

    • Genuine brass plates

    • Plastic comb

    • Bolted-on covers

    • Reeds: 20

    • Reedplates: brass; 0.9 mm

    • Plastic comb

    • Length: 10 cm

    • Hohner harmonicas feature:

    • Improved reed profiles to increase reed life by over 200%

    • Precision die punches to ensure reed plates with unparalleled air tightness

    • Improved tuning accuracy (through investment in innovative new tools)

    • Extremely stable stainless steel covers that won't tarnish and are easy to clean

    • Dynamic range and highest volume of most any commercially made harmonica

    • Super-fast response at all volume levels

  • Easily adjustability for overblows


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