American DJ UV Canon Black Light

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American DJ UV Canon Black Light

The American DJ UV Canon Black Light is a very intense and powerful 400-watt ultraviolet black light machine. The DJ UV is ideal for larger venues and allows you to get the stage you're on glowing in every possible way. This American light comes with an LL 400 BLB lamp, along with a hanging bracket. It is fairly light product that comes with quite an affordable, budget friendly and fair price. The device is quite sturdy and durable, making it more than capable to sustain any amount of typical damage caused by transport or frequent use.

Powerful, affordable, reliable - what more can you ask for? You can check out the brief list of American DJ UV Canon Black Light specs, details and features in the paragraph below.

American DJ UV Canon Black Light Features

400W super-high output black light
Black light ideal for large venues
Comes with hanging bracket
Lamp: LL-400BLB

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