Chauvet LED Mushroom

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Chauvet LED Mushroom

The Chauvet LED Mushroom is a LED light that features a two-channel DMX-512 LED derby effect. The LED Mushroom delivers a full spectrum of all colors, including those that are more difficult to create by similar devices. It comes with a set of on-board trigger eye-catching effects and a set of automated programs via master/slave or DMX mode. Also included are 3-pin DMX connectors, an ability to emit focused beams, a smooth LED fading feature thanks to on-board dimming curves, as well as IEC power input lock that secures the power cord.

The item we have at our hands is a top-quality product and one of the best items of its niche within the given price range. It is sturdy, durable, strong, offers high quality and great reliability - what more can a musician ask for? Treat it right and it will serve you right in many years yet to come. As always, you can buy this bad boy at the lowest price online right here at DC Music Store. Finally, you can find the brief list of Chauvet LED Mushroom specs, features, and details in the rundown below.

Chauvet LED Mushroom Features

2-channel DMX-512 LED derby effect
Continuous rotation or back and forth motor control
Built-in automated programs via master/slave or DMX
Built-in sound activated programs via master/slave or DMX
High-power, 3W (730mA) LEDs
Linkable with LED Kinta X and Double Derby X
Additional power output: max 37 units @ 120V (see manual for details)

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