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Clear Voice Vocal Spray at DC Music Store. Vocalists and speakers all over the world love Clear Voice Vocal Spray!

Clear Voice Vocal Spray is intended for the singer, teacher, speaker, etc. whoever is using their voice and depending on it. A tired voice, one that needs to be opened up to feel lubricated and moistened. What we see is that once you get it into the customer's hands it's always a repeat sale. Customers are hooked on it as they quickly see how well it makes their throat feel. Once you experience these benefits you too will be a fan of Clear Voice. It's available in several flavors also.

Clear voice can offer relief from fatigue, dry and scratchy throat even soothing vocal cords when you are sick. Available in five flavors: Cherry Apple, Fresh Mint, Strawberry-Lemonade, or Honey Lemon. Serving size 2 sprays, servings per container is 83.

Singers have told us that helped them be less pitchy. We've also heard comments that it helped a fatigued voice and those on the edge of colds, feeling scratchy, dry, and just needed something to loosen up those vocal chords. One user commented that it made their voice feel like they had spent time warming up. That it gave it that loosened-up feel.

How does it work? It is an all-natural blend of herbs including, Tylophora, Osha Root, Aloe Vera, Marjoram, and Vegetable Glycerin. This blend of herbs keeps the throat moist, minimizing the dryness that can lead to coughing and cracking while singing.

This vocal spray is often used at the beginning of a show or speech to help loosen up the vocal chords. Great at the beginning of studio work for singers and certainly something for those on tour as singing on the road is rough on vocalists. Made from a patented blend of herbs, it is designed to soothe irritation and minimize dryness that singers and speakers find will crack their voice and not allow for a smooth passage through their vocal chords.

Our best endorsement of this product is that when customers purchase this item they continue to come back as a customer re-ordering it. Nothing says something works well like the continued use of it by singers and speakers. We find this to be true in our store and our online store.


Dosage Guidelines

Spray twice into the back of the throat, use as often as needed.


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