Yamaha MG16XU 16 Channel Mixer

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Yamaha MG16XU 16 Channel Mixer. This is a passive mixer that offers a total of sixteen channel with eight XLR mono and quarter inch inputs and the balance of inputs are stereo. The MG16XU will perform extremely well in many applications. Bands, clubs, churches and studios will benefit from all it's features. You get a lightweight mixer that provides terrific quality and clarity that can be counted on event after event.

The MG16XU offers compression on the first eight channels of this mixer. You get Yamaha's digital effects which give you a wealth of effects options to choose from for a professional sound. Channels have a pad that will reduce a 26db gain cut to tame those hot signals coming in and make them more usable. A HPF High Pass Frequency button will cut off frequencies below 80HZ which is great for vocals etc. Gain knob swings from minus 6db to plus 64 db of gain. The compressor knob lets you tame down signals (like vocals and excited speakers etc.) to give a more pleasant even volume to your audiences. A Three band equalizer with a mid shift knob that can put your mids anywhere from 250 HX to 5K HZ. This is very useful for attacking a certain frequency in that range and cutting it (reducing feedback) or adding it to enhance the sound. You can use it to sweep through and isolate and find a particular frequency with the mids cut or boosted also.

Yamaha offers you 4 Auxiliary controls with the MG16XU with AUX 1 and 3 a typical pre (before the slider) and Aux 2 can be set pre or post and Aux 4 is set for effects. Mute / On sub groups on each channel where you can send a line to any of 4 main sub groups or to ST which is the main stereo output. This is terrific as you can group drums together, vocals, instruments etc. and then boost or fade them back all in one group. PFL Pre Fader Listening lets you isolate channels you want to listen to individually.

Use the group outputs on the mixer to send an entire group mix elsewhere for recording, effects processing etc. A foot switchable jack is offered to allow you to turn effects on or off. This is great when using it live as effects are great when singing but often sound silly (using a delay, reverb etc.) when talking to an audience.

The MG16XU offers both XLR and 1/4" Stereo Outputs, 4 quarter inch Aux sends and monitor output left and right. This mixer also offers a USB output which is fantastic for the producers and recording studio,

Yamaha MG16XU Features

Outstanding microphone preamps
Switchable Phantom Power & PAD Switch
1-knob Compressors
EQ and High-pass Filters
AUX / Effect Sends / Group
LED level metering
Built-in SPX Digital Effects
Metal Chassis

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