1 Spot Adapter

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1 Spot Adapter.

1 Spot Adapter.
Visual Sound 1 Spot 9V volt DC Adapter.
# Only takes up one spot on your power strip!
# Handles up to 1700mA - the 1 SPOT can power your entire pedalboard with juice to spare
# 10' long cable
# The Multi-Plug 4 Cable connects the 1 SPOT with up to 4 pedals
# Connects to additional cables to power more pedals
# You only need a single 1 SPOT to power your entire pedalboard!
# Compatible with Boss PSA Boss ACA DOD PS-200R Morley 9V Danelectro DA-1 Dunlop ECB-003 Ibanez AC109 Zoom AD-0006 adapters
# Automatically converts voltage worldwide

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