Evans Hazy 300 Snare Side S14H30

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Evans Hazy 300 Snare Side S14H30

The Evans Hazy 300 Snare Side S14H30 is a top-quality snare drum head crafted by a company that has been revolutionizing the drumming world for over four decades - the mighty Evans. The Hazy 300 S14H30 utilizes a 3 mil film to lock in a wide dynamic range and a controlled snare response at a variety of dynamic levels. What this means is that you can jam just about every musical style on this fella and not worry a thing.

The item is available in 8", 10", 12", 13", 14" and 15" editions, always featuring a single-ply design, a light weight, and a top notch articulation. The price is fair, and you will hardly get better specs for the listed price. If you are interested in additional Evans Hazy 300 Snare Side S14H30 features and specs, you can come over to the store or drop us a line through the web.

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