Evans Hydraulic Blue Batter Tom

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Evans Hydraulic Blue Batter Tom

The Evans Hydraulic Blue Batter Tom is one sleek looking drum head that will give your kit not just the looks, but a massive sound. The Blue Batter utilizes an oil filled, two-ply head that secures a wet n' fat audio output with a short n' dry sustain. Sustain is decreased by the mentioned oil, which also strenghtens the attack without affecting the feel.

You can use this baby for just about every genre, although it particularly stands out in rock music. Live or studio, it doesn't really matter. The item comes with a moderate attack, a solid durability, and strong realiability. Treat this fella right and it will serve you right in many years to come. You can check out the list of Evans Hydraulic Blue Batter Tom features and specs in the rundown below.

Evans Hydraulic Blue Batter Tom Features:

  • Oil-filled, 2-ply head

  • Fat and wet sound

  • Dry, short sustain

  • Warm tone

  • Soft feel

  • Moderate attack

  • Moderate durability

  • General use, rock, live, or studio

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