ART SCL2 Compressor

Product image 1ART SCL2 compressor
Product image 2ART SCL2 Compressor

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ART SCL2 Stereo Compressor Limiter Expander & Gate

The ART SCL2 is a dual or stereo channel compressor with a limiter and expander and also offers gating.

The SC2 from ART is a great addition to any sound system. Combine an EQ and compressor for your swiss army knife to good sound. A compressor brings down those loud spikes of volume taming them so the audience gets a more pleasant and even sound. It also raises the low volumes. For instance if you have a singer or speaker they will never be speaking at the same volume. There will be moments when they're excited and louder or closer to the microphone and also moments when they back away or get quiet. The compressor gives you that nice even sound so the audience can enjoy a much easier to hear and understand volume. An expander will expand the then compressed sound to full available volume so your can then get the optimum volume available to your system. The gate will turn off the sound when nothing is coming through. The point of that is when no one is singing, talking or playing the gate closes and no noise or "open mic" noise comes through the system which again provides a much more pleasant and professional sound.

Great features built right in. Know your way around? Easily maneuver and tweak settings to your taste. If you don't just turn on the full auto mode. Easy to see LED's show you gain reduction for each channel.

ART has been one of the leading companies on the market putting out quality and professional products for many years and DC Music Store is your authorized dealer to provide great customer support and pricing.

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