Peavey 15" Pro Rider CU CP STK Complete Speaker 00560250

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15" Pro Rider® CU CP Subwoofer

Cone: Kevlar® impregnated cellulose
Voice coil diameter: 4.0" / 100 mm
Sensitivity: 97.9 dB / 1W 1m
Net weight lb. / kg: 18 lbs./ 8.2 kg
Znom (ohms) 8
Revc (ohms) 5.70
Usable freq. range: 35 Hz ~ 2 kHz
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Fo (Hz) 34.8
Cms (uM/N) 207.6
Mms (gm) 100.50
Qms 8.78
Qes 0.242
Qts 0.235
Xmax (mm) 4.6
Le (mH) 0.51
SPL (1W 1m) 97.9
No (%) 3.50%
Vd (cu. in. / ml) 47.1 / 773
Power capacity: 2400 W Peak 1200 W Program 600 W Continuous
Disp (cu. in. / ml) 209 / 3426
Sd (Square Meters) 0.084
Voice coil material: Copper ribbon wire Polyimide-impregnated fiberglass former Nomex® stiffener Solderless diffusion welded OFHC copper leads
Pmax (Watts pgm.) 1200
BL (T/M) 22.70
Vas (liters) 208.0
Weight Unpacked: 16.98 lb(7.7 kg)
Weight Packed: 18.08 lb(8.2 kg)
Width Packed: 17.52"(44.5008 cm)
Height Packed: 18.307"(46.49978 cm)
Depth Packed: 7.087"(18.00098 cm)

Baskets are replaced in four easy steps:

1 Remove three screws on back of magnet structure.

2 Lift the magnet structure off the basket frame.

3 Clean the voice coil “gap”.

4 Align screw holes, lower structure into place on new

basket frame, insert screws and tighten.



NOTE: For details, refer to the warranty statement. Copies of this statement may be obtained online at

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