Doobie Brothers Songbook

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Doobie Brothers Songbook

The Doobie Brothers Songbook is a high-quality instructional tool for players looking to learn how to play Doobie Brothers songs on guitar. The Doobie gang is a band well worth diving into, as studying the intricacies of their guitar work will make you realize that there's so much more to this band than their No. 1 hit singles. This Alfred publication features a size of 9 x 12 inches and a total length of 88 pages. It includes such memorable hit tunes as Long Train Runnin', South City Midnight Lady, Rockin' Down The Highway, Jesus Is Just Alright, Listen To The Music, Take Me In Your Arms, and more.

Explanations are given in standard notation and guitar tab form, all of which are 100 percent certified and accurate. This means that you will save time from performing those endless web searches and filtering low quality content on the internet, making your practice hours highly efficient and concise. If extra details and info is required, don't hesitate to contact us over the internet, or just come down to the store.

The full list of tracks is available below.


Jesus Is Just Alright Composed by Arthur Reynolds
Take Me In Your Arms Composed by Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier
Takin It To The Streets Composed by Michael Mcdonald
South City Midnight Lady Composed by Patrick Simmons
Black Water Composed by Patrick Simmons
Listen To The Music Composed by Tom Johnston
Rockin' Down The Highway Composed by Tom Johnston
Long Train Runnin' Composed by Tom Johnston
China Grove Composed by Tom Johnston
It Keeps You Runnin Composed by Michael Mcdonald
What A Fool Believes Composed by Michael Mcdonald, Kenny Loggins
Minute By Minute Composed by Michael Mcdonald, Lester Abrams
Real Love Composed by Michael Mcdonald, Pat Henderson

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