24 Channel Snake Cable

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24 Channel Snake Cable. The "Elite Core Audio 24 Channel Snake Cable" is available in various lengths and configurations. 25', 50' 100' and 150' with 4 or 8 returns. Elite Core snakes feature 24 gauge shielded lines with foil shield and a drain wire on each channel. Neutrik YS series of connectors are used on the fanout as well as the box. All channels and returns are fully balanced and shielded, with XLR connectors throughout. Each Elite Core stage snake also comes with a bag to cover the stage box or fan during transport or storage.

24 Channel Snakes from Elite Core Audio are very good quality and provide much more bang for the buck than it's competition on the market. We've been very happy using their products for many years. With this snake you get 24 3 pin xlr microphone channels and 8 xlr returns which can be used to control aux mixes and send a mixed signal from the mixer to power amplifiers or powered speakers on the stage / platform. Choose the length of snake you need and see the price that corresponds with it.

24 Balanced XLR Channels (Neutrik YS series connectors)
8 Balanced XLR Returns (Neutrik YS series connectors)
Shielded Twisted Pair with foil and drain wire
Low Oxygen Copper
Metal Strain Relief on both fanout and box end
Neoprene jacket
Each channel labeled
Easy pull handle on stage box
Heavy-duty heat shrink over the entire length of fanout
Cable management disk on fanout
Field-serviceability with machine screws to attach connectors to box
Top-panel access with extra wire on each connector inside the box
Spare モemergencyヤ channels hidden inside the box and fan

24 Channel Snake Cable available lengths and configurations:

The first number is the number of channels, the 2nd is the amount of returns and the 3rd is the length, how long the cable is. So a 24x4x100 would mean a 24 channel snake with 24XLR microphone inputs with 4 XLR returns which are typically used for sending the signal to the stage for main powered speakers, to the power amplifier and to monitors / aux sends, and of course 100 would mean that the length is 100 foot. If you have any questions feel free to call on contact us at our links at the bottom of the page.


24x8x100 (Pictured)

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