Audio snake cable

Regular price $379.99

Audio snake cable. Our audio snake cable comes in several styles. All are 100' long. Heavy-duty box, 100% shielded multi-cable and switchcraft connectors. Commercial wire mesh on box and fan ends with heavy gauge shrink tubing. Channels are typical XLR and returns are 1/4"

Audio snake cable channel and return options:

RMS-9-100: 9-Channel, (6 in, 3 out) 6 XLR 3 1/4" option 9-100 $289.99
RMS-16-100: 16-Channel (12 in, 4 out) 12 in 4 1/4" option 16-100 $379.99
RMS-20-100: 20-Channel (16 in, 4 out) 16 XLR 4 1/4" option 20-100 $419.99
RMS-24-100: 24 Channel snake (20 in, 4 out) 20 XLR 4 1/4" option 24-100 $529.99

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