Peavey SP118 Crossover 30501585 Jack Plate

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Peavey SP118 Crossover 30501585 Jack Plate

This is a jack plate for the SP118 made by Peavey corperation. This is not a low pass crossover so you would need to use an external crossover if you wish to send only low frequencies to your sub. The SP118 requires an external crossover to be used properly. This is a jack plate mainly that allows connections of cables. This is made specifically by the Peavey company for us in the SP118 but of course it would also work in similar type speakers. It is Peavey item number 30501585 and is a jack plate that allows connection of your inputs.

This plate is the direct factory replacement for the SP118 series speakers. Simply unscrew the old crossover and unhook the wires and re-install the new plate in the reverse order and you are back to rocking! Please let us know if you have any further questions or need a crossover for a different model than what we have available. Included is all of the physical 1/4" and Speakon connections needed to replace your factory original. Because this cabinet houses only a single 18" subwoofer an internal crossover is not necessary, this is more of a replacement for the plate that all of your cables plug in to.

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