Lanikai LUTU Ukulele TunaUke

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Lanikai LUTU Ukulele TunaUke

Lanikai LUTU Ukulele TunaUke all Mahogany Ukes are available in Tenor Size LUTU-21T . The LUTU series of ukuleles from Lanikai use the Tunauke's technology of a compensated nut and moveable saddle system which imporves the ukes intonation by up to ninety percent. You also get geared tuners, Aquila strings, a rosewwood fingerboard and uke with the top, sides and back made of mahogany wood.

Ukuleles are so much fun and Lanikai is a well respect manufacturer of Ukes and this LUTU series with the Tuna Uke available in Tenor size is an excellent choice for a fine instrument to have a lot of fun with. Get started with the size you like with us here at DC Music Store and get the lowest price as well as outstanding customer service.

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