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March Music Madness at DC Music Store means big savings in all departments while we slash prices on old stock and feature new stock coming in. Stop in today as there are many more great new & used items that are not even on our website! DC Music Store 15765 State Route 170, East Liverpool, Ohio 43920 (330)385-0468


Tax Refund Check's go farther at DC Music Store!


With our low prices and especially our coupon this week you'll save big at DC Music Store. Don't have your check yet? No problem, we have layaway to give you the time you need till your check comes in or to help make the music equipment you're after more affordable.

Yamaha MOXF8


Packed with Yamaha Motif sounds that will spin your head and blow your mind with how good they are. These will certainly generate the inspiration for your music. It's on sale and right now has a $50 Yamaha rebate also!

This is an 88 key keyboard with weighted keys and all the sounds you can imagine. This won the Keyboard "best buy" award. Check it out here at $1695 but be sure to get your rebate also and save $50 more this week!



Loud Speakers


We have the Peavey PR10, PR12 and PR15 inch speakers all on sale. Capable of 400 watts program and 800 watts peak these sound great but also are VERY LIGHT! Check out these thee here starting from only $169.95


TC Helicon VoiceLive Play


The Voice Live Play is a compact, enriched vocal processing effect that will have you loving the way you sound. No matter if you’re a seasoned professional singer, or if you’re just at the start of your career, the VoiceLive Play from TC Helicon will deliver impacting results that will not only enhance your performance, it will boost your confidence level too. With a host of professional features like harmony and pitch correction, sing along, and a very useful practice mode, the VoiceLive Play will have you sounding your best in no time. The unit is compact in size compared to the other VoiceLive units, but it still packs the same power and professional results. Sale priced at only $219.95


Acoustic Guitar


The Ibanez AEF37E is a cutaway acoustic-electric guitar that offers a resonant, warm tone with an eye-catching appearance. Like any Ibanez guitar, the AEF37E combines traditional values with modern cutting-edge technology by keeping the raw vibe and perfecting it with warm, rich sound. This Ibanez guitar can be played both unplugged and through an amp, thanks to a built-in Fishman Sonicore pickup and an Ibanez SST preamp. Slashed to $374.95








Guitar Packs, Violins, Acoustic, Electric, Bass guitars, Keyboards, Drum-set and other instruments are all at the lowest prices for you. Click here to shop.

Full Size Violin


This is a full size 4/4 violin with Spruce top, maple sides and back. It comes with the violin, bow, case and rosin.


It has a spruce wood top and typical maple wood back and sides construction. It also has fine tuners on each string that many inexpensive violins and fiddles do not come with. The bow and lightweight case are also included along with rosin. On sale for only $79.95




Guitar Effects Pedal


The Zoom G2 offers a guitarist a ton of amp and effects sounds all in one small unit. The G2 features 16 Classic Amp & Stomp Box Models, 40 user patches + 40 factory patches, 9 effect modules with 54 effect types, Zoom ZFX-3 DSP chip, 96 kHz sampling rate and much more. AC adapter included! On sale for $79.95


Ultimate Cleaning Pack


Handle all of your cleaning needs with this premium guitar care system. The Ultimate Professional Grade Five-piece Care Kit contains one each of Music Nomad's most popular items for premium care and maintenance for stringed instruments. Great for all types such as Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolins and guitar care for all makes such as Fender, Gibson, Martin and Taylor guitars. The Guitar ONE is an All-in-1 cleaner, polish and wax for everyday cleaning. The Guitar Polish is for deeper cleaning and polishing to restore and revive dull, hazy and scratched finishes. It also removes oxidation from guitar hardware. The Fretboard F-ONE Oil helps clean & condition the fretboard. Music Nomad also includes 2 super soft, premium quality microfiber towels. Just $24.95

Electronic Drumset


Right now for under $300 you can have an electronic kit that's actually good! The Triple D5 is at home for the beginner as well as accomplished drummer looking for a drum set that offers quality sounds at a reasonable price. Record with this, gig live with it or practice along in quiet. There is a ton of great sounds loaded into this drumkit and right now it's only $295!




We have all the accessories you might need. Tuners, capos, metronomes, picks, cables etc. Click here and get ready to save!

Tuner Foot Pedal


This Snark Tuner is a foot pedal you use just like a stomp pedal. Plug your guitar into it and out of that to your amplifier or other pedals and anytime you need to tune step on it, easily tune with the big lighted display and it silences your guitar till your done. No more tuning song to the audience! On sale for just $34.95

In Ear Monitor System


The SIEM-2 are in ear monitors are a low cost but sound great! JTS is known for putting out great products that don't break the budget. In ear monitors are so much nicer than using standard floor monitors. They great reduce the stage monitor volume that can often leak out to the audience and create mixing issues and it also greatly reduces the possibility of monitor feedback. On sale for $299.95


Line 6 Spider 30 Amp


The Line 6 Spider IV 30 Guitar Amplifier is a thirty watt guitar amplifier that has about all the amp sounds and effects any guitarist could want. Loud, loud and powerful for it's size. This Spider IV from the Line 6 company is your best friend for heavy rock, metal, classic rock, jazz, country, pop etc. genres. Why? Well first off it models the amp sounds of a ton of classic and current amps but it is also stuffed full of great effects that will cover about any sound and tone that your mind can envision. All in a lightweight and extremely portable amplifier combo. Sale priced at $159.95


Samson headset system


The Concert 88 headset Microphone is a wireless mic system from Samson that gives you sixteen channels so you have the versatility to change channels if you have other wireless systems operating on the same stage or a frequency that is operating in your area. UHF frequencies that "ultra high" and this unit is terrific for aerobic class instructors, speakers, dancers, auction announcers and so much more. Free yourself from the cables with this Concert 88 Wireless Microphone System. The Samson headset connects easily to the included transmitter worn on your belt etc and transmits the signal without wires to your sound system or amplifier for a great connection up to 300 feet away! Just $149.95 on sale!




Music Books

We have a wide selection of music books for instruction, song books and DVD's that can quickly help you learn how to play or advance as a better musician. See those here.

Music Lessons!

Some people can figure out how to play music on their own. But the vast majority of people play music with the help of an instructor. Starting right off with music lessons is the best plan. #1 it keep the excitement going. We don't want someone who gets a musical instrument to get frustrated with it when they haven't learned much all on their own. Plus instead of creating bad habits you learn the proper way quickly and easily. But we can certainly help those who have been playing a while advance their techniques and knowledge also. We have a terrific group of instructors who are enjoyable to be with, are very knowledgeable and they also know how to teach. You'll learn quickly if you put some practice with it. Stop in or call us today at 330-385-0468 to schedule lessons.


Used Equipment

We buy, sell & trade! So if you have music equipment that you no longer use, bring it into DC Music Store and turn it into cash or a trade on something you'll find more useful. No appointments needed. We are not able to quote pricing on the phone though so stop in with your music gear and let us take a good look at it.

So much more to show you!

Stop in if you live locally as there's much more than on our website!

DC Music Store 15765 State Rt. 170, East Liverpool, Oh 43920 (330)385-0468




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