101 Three Chord Songs

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101 Three Chord Songs

The 101 Three Chord Songs is a top-level publication made for people looking for answers on how to play simply songs on guitar, uke, and banjo. This Mel Bay release covers a lot of ground, including guides on the three chords, transposing tips for singers, along with tips on strumming, and more. Praised as one of the finest tools of its branch, this item comes in a durable package that will serve you well for many years as long as you treat it right.

The goods are presented in standard notation and they are all 100 percent accurate and certified. This way you will save time from conducting those endless internet searches and filtering poor quality content on the web, making your practice hours more efficient and concise. If extra details and info are needed, feel free to contact us over the internet or just come down to the store, we are always glad to be of service. As always, you can find music-related books and DVDs at the lowest price online right here at DC Music Store.

for Guitar, Banjo, and Uke 99476. You need only minimal playing skills and three chords--G, C, and D7--to accompany all the great songs in this innovative book. If you are just getting started, or if you are a "casual" player on a chording instrument, this is the perfect book for you. The book is absolutely bursting with a great variety of music: Old-time, bluegrass, gospel, Christmas, children's tunes, Stephen Foster, British and Celtic, cowboy, blues, and more. Because melody and lyrics are provided with every song, singers will also enjoy this wonderful collection of the world's favorite songs. Truly a book of outstanding arrangements, made playable for folks who play for their own enjoyment. (Some of these songs, like "Dark Hollow" and "Way Downtown," are hard to find in print.) Guitar, uke, and five-string banjo diagrams are included for the three chords, along with tips on strumming and transposing tips for singers. An invaluable reference book for teachers and pros, too! 101 3 Chord Songs.

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