2000s Guitar Riffs

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2000s Guitar Riffs

The 2000s Guitar Riffs is a top quality tab book containing nearly 30 iconic riffs of rock and metal songs from the 2000s. This book contains all-time hit singles from such class acts as Avenged Sevenfold, the Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park, and many more. 2000s were a good time for rock, and learning these staple tracks will enrichen your musical vocabulary. You can find the full list of included songs below, make sure to contact us online or come down to the store if you need further info. Note that the product comes with an included CD.

* Bat Country * Best Of You * B.Y.O.B. * Californication * Cochise * Cold Hard Bitch * Crazy Bitch * Dirty Little Secret * Duality * Fat Lip * Happy? * Heaven * Here To Stay * I Dare You * I Stand Alone * Judith * Just Like You * Kryptonite * Last Resort * Meant To Live * Mr. Brightside * Nice To Know You * One Step Closer * Original Prankster * Redneck * Slither * Stay Together For The Kids * Sugar, We're Goin' Down * Suicide Messiah * This Love

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