3.5mm 10' cable with right angle end Hosa CMM-110R

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3.5mm 10' cable with right angle end Hosa CMM-110R

The 3.55 mm 10' cable with right angle end Hosa CMM-103R is a sturdy, strong, and durable 10 foot cable coming from Hosa, one of the leading manufacturers in the field with a rich history of quality products. It's a stereo mini male cable that can be utilized to interconnect mobile devices with mini stereo phone jacks. The right-angle plug on one end allows easy access to jacks with minimal clearance, making it ideal for portable devices such as laptops, iPods and other gizmos.

The extended 10 foot length makes it ideal for onstage use as well, so if you use any of the mentioned devices during live performance, this is the cable you have been looking for. It is available at a low, fair, and very affordable price. The item is durable and packed with all the quality standards and guarantees from the Hosa camp. If you need additional info, don't be a stranger, drop by DC Music Store any time!

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