50 Licks Jazz Style

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50 Licks Jazz Style

The 50 Licks Jazz Style is a top-notch instructional tool for students of the jazz craft. This DVD features Musicians Institute instructor and guitar guru Bruce Buckingham demonstrating the essential licks for classic jazz chord progressions. Some of the covered ground includes turnaround licks, II-V-I licks, altered chords licks, chromatic bebop licks, minor and major vamps, and much more. The instructor demonstrates each of the licks in several styles, allowing you to cover the grounds of samba, swing, funk, fusion, bossa nova, swing 16ths, blues shuffles, and more. The DVD comes with an accompanying instructional booklet, making this product a must have for all jazz guitar players out there. 50 Licks Jazz Style lasts 61 minutes, feel free to contact us if you need additional info and details.

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