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A Dozen A Day piano book

A Dozen A Day is available at DC Music Store! This instructional book contains per-practice technical exercises for the piano/keyboard. The aim of this book is to help develop strong and flexible fingers. Learn two or three exercises at a time, then play them before practicing each day. Only add another exercise when you have mastered another. When all exercises in the first group are mastered, the next group can now be introduced. Many of these exercises can be transposed to different keys. Learn a dozen exercises to practice every day! Great for beginners or for anyone looking to warm up their fingers before playing! A dozen helpful and desired piano practice songs!

Available in a mini, preparatory, one (1), two (2), three (3), and four (4).

Each book has sixty exercises for the beginning pianist these books have both standard notation and fingerings with the addition of illustrations and an introduction text. Each book progresses the student with more and more difficulty as they go through the A dozen A Day Books.

Mini HL404073

Preparatory HL414222

Book One HL413366

Book Two HL413826

Book Three HL414136

Book Four HL415686

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