Ahead Drumsticks

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Ahead Drumsticks

The Ahead drumsticks are the most innovative drum sticks on the market. Ergonomic designed handle sizes, Weight and balance are extremely close between sticks unlike the competion. You are also able to replace the stick sleeves and tips. Made from aluminum, you'll notice your hands and arms don't feel near as tired after drumming for a while.

The Ahead drum sticks are Big Bang Distrution products distributed and sold all over the world. These sticks are famouns for their quality and features. Drummers all over the scene agree and many endorse their sticks exclusivly.If you haven't yet tried them out do yourself a favor and "get ahead" with Ahead Drumsticks today!

Ahead Drumsticks Features:
Ergonomically designed handle
Precision alloy core
Super-hard polyurethane cover
Vibration-reduction system

7A .540" Diameter, .030" Wall, Medium Taper, 15 11/16" Long
5A .540" Diameter, .030" Wall, Medium Taper, 16" Long
5B .595" Diameter, .030" Wall, Long Taper, 16" Long
2B .595" Diameter, .035" Wall, Long Taper, 16" Long
Rock .595" Diameter, .035" Wall, Short Taper, 16 1/4" Long
5B-Rock .595" Diameter, .035" Wall, Short Taper, 16" Long
Lars Ulrich LU .595 Diamater .035 Wall 65g Long Taper LT 16.25" Long
Speed Metal JJ1 Formerly joey jordison .540 Diamater .030 Wall 52 g Medium Taper MT 16.59" Long
Monsta RockM-RK .595 Diamater .035 Wall 67 g Short Taper ST 16.50" Long
Workout Sticks Weighted Warm-Up Stick, .595" Diameter, .035" Wall, Short Taper, 16 1/4" Long, Designed for pad use.

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