AKG C 1000 S Microphone

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AKG C 1000 S Microphone

The AKG C 1000 S is a versatile condenser microphone that delivers a top-notch performance both in the studio and as an acoustic instrument reinforcement tool during live shows. The C 1000 S can also be utilized as a vocal microphone with great efficiency, and was even hailed as the ultimate vocal mic by some users. The device utilizes a special PPC 1000 converter, which turns its characteristics from cardioid to hyper-cardioid, making it perfect for recording choirs. It also has a Presence Boost adapter to add brilliance when used in cardioid mode.

Additionally, this AKG mic can operate on either phantom power or via a standard 9V battery. It feautres a low-battery warning LED, a set of mic clips, a windscreen, and even comes with hard case to keep it safe at all time. Speaking of which, the mic is very sturdy and more than capable of taking a few punches every now and then. The mic comes with a three-year labor and parts warranty. As for additional specs, the C 1000S has a frequency response between 50 Hz and 20 kHz, 200 ohms of impedance, and an equivalent noise level of 19 dBA. Additionall AKG C 1000 S features, specs and details can be found below.

AKG C 1000 S Features:

Excellent vocal mic
Ideal for recording choirs
Special converter (PPC 1000) turns the microphone characteristics from cardioid to hypercardioid
Presence Boost adapter adds brilliance in cardioid mode
Operates on either phantom power or standard 9V battery
Low-battery warning LED
Includes mic clips, windscreen, and hard case
3-year parts and labor warranty

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