Alesis CompactKit 7 Electronic Drumkit

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Alesis CompactKit 7

The Compactkit 7 is a great little portable drum machine from Alesis that feels like you're playing a drumset. It's electronic so it has lots of sounds and portability. It is a compact drum kit that Alesis has poured a lot of thought into so that you can have a ton of fun and get a lot of sounds from it. The Compactkit has 7 drum module pads that are velocity sensitive so they're react to harder and softer volumes of striking just like a real drumset. You get hundreds of different drum sounds in this electronic drum set as well as songs you can play right along with. You can even customize the sounds.

The Compact kit has a 3 digit LED display on the Compactkit 7 which will show you the status of the settings as well as showing you pads are played. With Alesis's technology you can connect to a laptop or computer with the usb which also can transmit MIDI signals and really open up this drum module and really see it shine. Your drumsticks are included as well as the wall wart power supply. You can use with batteries if you decide to but those are not included. Size C and six batteries could be used to power it up on the go.

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