Alesis MKII Monitor

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Alesis MKII Monitor

The Alesis MKII is an award winning monitor that offers an impeccable, loud and clear sound with clear imaging, a super flat wide frequency range, as well as high-power handling and excellent bass transient response. The MKII does a fine job in operating in just about every environment and on the majority of playback systems. Professional engineers and studio producers love it, making this one an instant favorite among audiophiles around the globe. These Alesis monitors offer a top-notch bass transient response, along with the aforementioned high power handling and a high output work mode.

The device is quite reliable and durable, boasting a new 6.5 polypropylene low-frequency driver to secure tighter and more accurate bass response. The price is fair, budget friendly and affordable, meaning that if you are looking to get yourself a pair of quality monitors without making a major investment, these bad boys are the deal you've been searching for. Make sure to check out the list of Alesis MKII features, specs and details in the segment below.

Alesis MKII Features:

Critical reference monitoring for recording and mixing
Excellent bass transient response
Flat frequency response for accurate mixes that translate to other playback systems
High power handling, high output

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