All Chords In All Positions

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All Chords in All Positions

All Chords in All Positions is a top quality concise tool featuring content that every guitarist needs to master. As the title very clearly indicates, this is a pocket guide containing all the crucial chords in all the important positions, covering one of the essential fields in the area of guitar playing. The item can be used to help you construct and play guitar chords anywhere on the fretboard of you instrument. Some of the covered ground includes over 30 types of building chords of all qualities, a detailed explanation of all the terminology and intervals, some moving chord shapes to spice things up, and a set of sample songs and progressions.

Some of the specific chord types you'll grasp thanks to this guide include open, power, barre, and extended chords, along with chord inversions and more nifty stuff. At a fair and affordable price, you'll get all the juicy goods without wasting time online sifting through poor quality content and filtering out filler stuff. If you need additional info regarding this product, don't hesitate to contact us online or come down to the store.

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