Alternate Tunings Guitar Collection Number 7 699239

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Alternate Tunings Guitar Collection Number 7 699239

The Alternate Tunings Guitar Collection Number 7 699239 is your guide to the intriguing world of alternate tuning on guitar. This guide offers specific examples from the very get-go, presenting explanations on 12 songs in 10 different tunings. It includes the original artists' recordings, accurate transcriptions in tabs and notes, along with other cool stuff such as bios, photos, detailed performance notes with tips from the artists themselves, and much more. Some of the specific tracks featured in the book include "Moe 'Uhane (Dream Slack Key)," "Eye of the Hurricane," "Cradle and All," and more. You can find the list of songs below, if you require extra info and details feel free to contact us online or come down to the store.

Song list:

David Wilcox – “Eye of the Hurricane” • David Crosby with CPR – “That House” • Sonny Chillingworth – “Moe 'Uhane (Dream Slack Key)” • John Cephas and Phil Wiggins – “John Henry” • Ani DiFranco – “Cradle and All” • Alex de Grassi – “The Water Garden” • Dougie MacLean – “Caledonia” • Ledward Kaapana – “Whee Ha Swing” • Trian – “The Death of Queen Jane” • Peter Finger – “101 South” • Mary Chapin Carpenter – “The Moon and St. Christopher” • Paul Brady – “Arthur McBride.”

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