Altman Ellipsoidal 35Q Spotlight

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Altman Ellipsoidal 35Q Spotlight

Altman Ellipsoidal 35Q Spotlight, 3.5" Ellipsoidal 3.5Q stage lighting can. Catalog Numbers: 3.5Q-5-MT/3.5Q-6-MT/3.5Q-8-MT/3.5Q-10-MT/3.5Q-12-MT Axially Mounted Quartz 500Watt A compact, lightweight ellipsoidal spotlight which produces a high intensity sharp or soft edged beam.

The 35Q Series is designed for today's long life, high intensity tungsten halogen lamps. Four adjustable integral stainless steel framing shutters provide beam shaping ability and the pattern slot and holder provide the ability to project visual images. While primarily designed for theatre and studio applications, the 35Q Series is also useful in displays, show windows, museums and nightclubs where precision controlled accenting is desirable.

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