American DJ Galaxian Sky DMX Laser Effect

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American DJ Galaxian Sky DMX Laser Effect

The American DJ Galaxian Sky DMX is a laser effect that deliver top-notch performance with an ability of covering incredibly wide areas with over 500 light beams. The Galaxian Sky DMX can deliver its laser patters onto a ceiling, a wall, or a dance floor, producing a liquid sky effect to spice up the atmosphere. Its 10 mW laser can cover vast areas with a versatile beam angle of 82 degrees. The device has a 35-degree pan and 35-degree tilt, utilizes a 1.8 degree stepper motor, comes with an included hanging bracket, and requires very low amounts of power, meaning it can stay cool even if working non-stop all night long.

This American DJ laser features a set of five DMX channels - Green laser, Pattern, Movement, Rotation, Zoom, along with three different operation modes - DMX mode, Sound Active mode, and the Master/Slave mode. It has a light weight of 8 lbs, and offers top level durability and reliability. Also included in the mix is the Sound Active mode from built-in programs, a sleek LED Display for easy navigation, and a set of three-pin XLR connectors to increase the connectivity. You can find the list of American DJ Galaxian Sky DMX laser effects specs, details and features in the segment below.

American DJ Galaxian Sky DMX Laser Effect Features

Produces laser patterns that can be projected on a ceiling or wall
Massive beam spread covers a large area
Produces a liquid sky effect
10mW laser with over 500 green laser beams
Beam Angle: 82°
35°/Pan and 35°/Tilt
Uses 1.8° stepper motor
Very low power consumption
Includes hanging bracket
Compact 10mW DMX-512 green laser
5 DMX Channels: Green laser, Pattern, Movement, Rotation, Zoom
3 operation modes: DMX, Sound Active & Master/Slave
Sound active from built-in programs
LED Display for easy navigation
Linkable via 3-pin XLR connectors

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