American DJ Vizi LED Spot

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American DJ Vizi LED Spot

The American DJ Vizi LED Spot Light is a top-notch moving head fixture with an abundance of professional features that will give your venue some killer color lightning. The DJ Vizi utilizes a 22 W high-output LED source with a long life of 50,000 hours, pulling a low power draw of just 88 W. Compact and light, it offers maximum performance with minimum weight. This American DJ LED features a total of four different operational modes - DMX mode, Master/Slave mode, Stand Alone mode, and Sound Active mode. Also included in the mix are 12 DMX channels, a Gobo scroll mode, automatic X-Y repositioning, and a 14 degree beam angle.

This is one sturdy and durable device, very reliable and perfectly capable of taking some punches during transport or due to frequent use. The mix also includes a hanging bracket, stepper motors with micro stepping, the strobe effect, flicker-free operation mode, and a manual focus. Make sure to check out the list of American DJ Vizi LED Spot details, specs and features in the rundown below.

American DJ Vizi LED Spot Features

High-output DMX-512 Moving head with 22W LED source
RDMX-Remote DMX addressing (Change DMX values remotely from any DMX console)
4 operational modes: DMX, Master/Slave, Stand Alone & Sound Active
12 DMX channels
Gobo scroll mode
LED DMX 4-button menu system
14-degree beam angle
Auto X-Y repositioning
8 dichroic colors + white (includes UV)
7 rotating gobos + spot (interchangeable: 5x metal, 2x glass)
Prism wheel with macros: 3-facet prism, 5-facet prism & Infinite Prism
Gobo shake effect
Gobo indexing
Gobo size: 27mm (22mm viewable gobo size)
Independent gobo and color wheels
Pan: 540-degree standard (630-degree optional)
Tilt: 270-degree
Shutter: Pulse effect; random strobe slow to fast
Dimming: 0%-100%
Strobe effect
Flicker-free operation
Manual focus
Stepper motors with micro stepping
Hanging bracket included

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