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On-Stage Stands RS7000 Tiltback Amp Stand

This Tiltback Amp Stand from On Stage RS7000 is an amplifier stand that holds your amplifier so you can hear it much better with much lower stage volume. The On Stage RS7000 amp stand is quality built and can hold up to dual twelve inch combo amps as well as speakers for monitor use.

Generally guitarists will have their amplifiers on the floor or in front of them but either way the speakers are tossing all this volume at your shins which will blow the sound right past you. This requires a much louder stage volume and feedback possibilities. With this stand you will be able to angle the amp or speaker right up at you at whatever height you like. On Stage is the leader in musical equipment stands. This tilt back features the no slip grips and a sturdy cross bar so you can feel safe and secure with your equipment in good hands.

Item Specs:

RS7000 Tiltback Amp Stand

Applications: stage/studio amplifiers and monitors
Height adj.: 17" to 24"
Weight capacity: 152 lbs.
Upper and lower arm length: 12"
Width: 12"
Base Spread: 15-1/2"
Construction: all-steel
Color: black powder coat finish

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