Arion MEQ-1 Graphic Equalizer Pedal

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Arion MEQ-1 Graphic Equalizer Pedal

The Arion MEQ-1 Graphic Equalizer Pedal is a Seven Band EQ at half the price of other similar units. The MEQ1 EQ Pedal from Arion offers low noise and a wide range of control of your tone.

The Arion EQ pedal offers 7 bands of equalization so that you can quickly and easily notch out feedback or accentuate frequencies so your guitar or other musical instrument can stand out in the mix. Some use a unit like this to boost their volume on a solo or riff. Other will use it to dial in their unique tone. This will offer so much more flexibility to hone in on the sound you are after versus a simple two band low/high or 3 band that a typical amplifier will offer you. You have literally cut up the sound spectrum seven times versus two or three and can dial in the frequencies you like and cut back the ones you don't like.

Quality pedals you can depend on while recording, gigging or jamming on your own. We offer many similar pedals but at this price range this one certainly is head and shoulders above anything else we have seen. We've teamed up with this manufacturer and offer their full line of musical stomp units like chorus, delay, flange, distortion, overdrive, reverb and much more so be sure to grab anything else you need from DC Music Store at the lowest price and get back to making music. We are your one stop music shop so be sure to contact us if you have any questions or we can help in any way.

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