Assisted Listening System

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Assisted Listening System from Peavey. What an easy to use setup that's terrific for churches, clubs or anywhere that folks need help hearing the sound. Simply use an output from your mixer into the transmitter which will then send the signal wireless to the receivers which are like a little belt pack, connect the earbuds (small headphones style) and raise the volume to the acceptable volume and you're finished.

"Peavey" gives you one base transmitter and four receivers with ear buds with this "Wireless Assisted Listening System". The system is setup on one preset frequency although other frequencies may be ordered to use separately. You can also order more receivers to use along with this same system on the same frequency. Use as many receivers as you want as there's no limit. 72-76 MHz band range. These systems can work as far as three hundred feet away which is as far as a football field!

Connect this assisted listening system to a line, tape, control room or recording output of your sound system's mixer to connect. Use this system inside or outside. Frequencies: 72.1, MHz, 72.9, 72.5 Peavey Item/Model Numbers: 03010620, 03010680, 03010650


Compact RF Transmitter operating within the 72 – 76 MHz band
• Input for line level audio
• Input for microphone
4 Recievers with Audio input gain control
• Automatic level control
• Extendable antenna
• AC/DC regulated power supply adapter supplied
• LED power on and audio modulation indicators
• Peavey Assisted Listening system includes transmitter, four receivers and four standard ear buds
• Additional receivers available
• (2) AA Batteries • Battery Life – 17-20 hours with alkaline battery
• Dimensions – 110 x 60 x 20 mm
• Weight 2.75 oz without batteries (80g)

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