Audix Cab Grabber Microphone Holder

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Audix Cab Grabber Microphone Holder

The Audix Cab Grabber is an innovative mic holder, a neat miking solution for various guitar amps and cabinets. The Cab Grabber is capable of holding microphones weighing up to 1 pound (0.45 kg), and work with cabinets featuring 14" or less depth. This Audix mic holder provides its user with incredibly precise positioning abilities, boasting an elegant, sleek and compact design along the way. No extra tools are required, yet the device is very adjustable and grabs firmly into position thanks to a quality mic arm hand.

What we have here is a very durable, sturdy, strong and reliable item - treat it right and it will serve you right in many years to come. The price is fair, the quality is nothing short of top-notch - what more can a music aficionado ask for? As always, you can buy this product at the lowest price online right here at DC Music Store. Make sure to check out the brief list of Audix Cab Grabber specs, features and details in the rundown below.

Audix Cab Grabber Microphone Holder Features:

An innovative miking solution for guitar amps and cabinets
Allows for precise positioning
Simple, elegant, compact, and easy to use
No tools required
Adjustable, tension-held
Mic arm hand tightens firmly into position
Holds mics weighing up to 1 lb.
Works on cabinets with flat surface or recessed edge
Will clamp to side of cabinet or over top
Fits 8–14" cabinets and amps

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