Banjo Chord Finder

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Banjo chord finder book

The Banjo chord finder book is an extensive, top quality reference guide to a vast collection of over 2,800 chords on banjo, covering four of the most frequently used tuning. In each of the keys, 30 different chord qualities are covered, while each of the chord qualities is offered in a set of two different voicing. Also included in the mix is a lesson on chord construction, as well as a fret board chard of the instrument's neck. This guide covers all the crucial stuff and a lot of ground in general. For a fair and affordable price, it will deliver all the goods without forcing you to waste time on poor quality content on the web and filtering out all the filler stuff that's out there. In case you need any additional info or details regarding this product, don't hesitate to contact us online or come down to DC Music Store.

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